Thirst for Knowledge: Ladera Vineyards

Check out my guest post on the  delicious blog L’occasion. And find out my deep dark basement secret…


I’m not sure when I had my first glass of wine, probably in college and it was probably cheap gunk. It’s likely that I shared it Megan, that much is probable. Even if we weren’t each-other’s first, many of the glasses I have since enjoyed have been with her. For full disclosure here, I love Megan. We knew each other (along with another friend, Emily) before we were born. Yes, we go back to when the world spun without us and we were just twinkles in our parents’ (then neighbors and friends themselves) eyes.

Now we don’t drink the cheap gunk (except if it’s a class reunion and one of us happens to have a secret bottle hidden in her purse, then we don’t discriminate…we gulp) and we’ve refined our tastes enough to be welcomed at wineries around the world. I’ve invited Megan to share a story with us today and I hope…

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